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  • Come True

    Come True

    This was a frustrating experience.

    I love the quick intro to Sarah's situation, and the whole sleep study setup (and the retro Shriekback synthetic shakuhachi, ha). Some of the visual design, with the vast empty interiors and antiseptic colors, is quite attractive. But since everyone in the movie has a smartphone, while I love the look of analog video monitors, it's just ludicrous to have scientific equipment sporting vintage analog displays.

    It would help if filmmakers resisted the temptation of…

  • La Llorona

    La Llorona


    There are certainly subtle, restrained and atmospheric moments here. (I liked the interactions between the young girl Sara and the mysterious Alma.) But there are also quite a few gestures that I consider clunky, like the extended demonstration scenes. The last scene seemed particularly unnecessary and heavy-handed.

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  • A Photograph

    A Photograph


    Another juicy item off Rock Hyrax's feed. The event that sets everything in motion could have kicked off several Brian Evenson stories. The treatment is a bit more relaxed and domestic, but very well-done and engaging. An atmosphere of unease is nicely sustained, and many little surprises (left open-ended, thank you) and period cultural moments pepper the drive down those quiet country roads as we careen toward the fateful caravan.

  • The Dark and the Wicked

    The Dark and the Wicked

    I'm not sure I understand the enthusiasm for this. It seems to riff on devices that we're all familiar with, complete with phones that ring forever, sudden loud noises, some cliched soundtrack music, people who should be dead walking around doing not very interesting things, a few cheap jump scares, and tedious extended bloodbath near the end. Looks kind of nice, but nothing we haven't seen before. Sorry.