Promare ★★★★½

Studio Trigger you sure have done it again!

On the days that I don't watch films, I tend to watch some anime, I myself have seen a fair share of crap but also some great anime's. But the shows that I remember most are Gurren Lagann and the popular, Kill La Kill. As much as I love the stories that go on with both shows, I remember them because of their style. Studio Trigger is a very unique animation studio who has this unique art style, and omg you can see it x100000 In Promare!!

Gosh, where do I start? Okay, first of all, the story at first was cliche I will admit but then it changed into something mysterious with the characters and the overall world I then became really invested into the story as well as the characters. But there was something bigger on the screen than the characters, it was the art! and like I stated, it sure showed! Studio Trigger took their sweet ass time with this one. From the titles of each move a character makes to the vibrant colours all throughout this film. This sure is the most colourful film I have ever seen.

Now I can't leave it at that, I will also mention the OST. Now I have been waiting for this film for quite a long time because it did get shown in only one cinema in Australia and it was nowhere near me sadly, but when I first saw the trailer of Promare I fell in love with the main theme to now, it is stuck in my head, it's a wonderful theme and that is all I thought back then. But now seeing the film! the whole soundtrack is top-notch! Big creds to the sound crew.

Overall If you love anime or even someone who wants to watch something different and intriguing give this a watch, this is a near-perfect film to me. I appreciate anime for what it does and how it shows off their characters.

I will be looking forward to the next Studio Trigger whatever it is going to be!


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