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  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw

    Spiral: From the Book of Saw

    Dire filmmaking, not even slightly scary. Don’t know what I saw coming.

  • Nobody


    Essentially a bare bones John Wick/Death Wish riff pushed out into grotesque camp where the subtext becomes text. This sounds disparaging but it isn’t, both are great films, Naishuller does a lot of effective stuff with space and looming threat, the sound design is brutal enough and Odenkirk’s performance is just so fine-tuned that it elevates the action-cinema-nihilism on display. Almost feels pointless to point out but this is still an American Action Film and as such is wrapped in F.B.I admiration, justified cruelty and a homogeneous foreign foe: still Russia, but this time the mob is a high-tech financial operation.

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  • Y Tu Mamá También

    Y Tu Mamá También


    Two disillusioned Mexican teenagers lust deeply for one another but can't act on these urges due to internalised homophobia and political and class differences. As tragic as it is wistful and nostalgic, Cuaron is a master of difficult, interpersonal relationships and wrapped in this sunny, sexual and carefree road-trip is maybe his best yet: two lovers who can never be, trapped in a system that benefits one and traps the other leading to distance both physical and emotional.

    Nostalgia, both…

  • The Smiths: Live at Rockpalast

    The Smiths: Live at Rockpalast


    And don't forget the songs that made you smile and the ones that saved your life