Old ★★★½

Oh dear this was such a bloody train wreck. It’s so ridiculous and laugh out loud funny because it’s so damn stupid but I also can’t really fault it for that because at least it’s original. The concept is a huge gimmick to draw in the viewer and points to the director for sticking with it and creating a whole movie out of it, the plot takes some interesting turns and you never really know what’s to come so I appreciate it for that. The whole thing is just so dumb though, like really dumb and laughable for the most part, albeit very entertaining. The cast are all excellent, and I have to say they chose some great lookalikes to match all the different ages, excellent job done by all the cast but the standout was Thomasin McKenzie who manages to deliver a genuinely excellent dramatic performance in a throwaway movie. An easy and entertaining time, a perfect Friday night horror flick.

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