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  • Monster



    Top notch courtroom drama that is well acted, nicely paced and uniquely plotted. At first the timeline jumps annoyed me but once I picked it all up and got the hang of it (it actually isn’t that hard to grasp, just me being lazy) I found really enjoyed the film. The lead actor is fantastic, he portrays so many sides to this character that is impressive for a young actor, and also me being a thirsty bitch I have to…

  • Horizon Line

    Horizon Line


    The negatives far outweigh the positives in this movie. First of all, you’ve got 2 of the most unlikeable characters ever in a movie, fighting for survival, and yet, as a viewer I was actively rooting for them to not survive. The dialogue is TERRIBLE, this kinda dialogue is forgivable in movies that are self-aware and are made with a certain amount of humour, but this movie takes itself far too seriously to ever get away with the horrendous words…

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  • Wrong Turn

    Wrong Turn

    Good god that was SHIT!! Sorry not sorry I know a lot of horror fans are gonna love this for creating something new and different and all the rest of it, but this little duck right here? I hated it. It started out pretty decent, as you’d expect a movie in this franchise to be, but once it hit the middle point and the whole thing came together I was just thinking how lame. Nah uh. Overwritten, trying so hard…

  • Child's Play

    Child's Play


    🎶 You are my Buddi...until the end...more than a Buddi...you’re my best friend. I love you more than...you’ll ever know...I will never...let you go. 🎶

    Maybe I’m on a total sugar high because I ate an entire share bag of caramel M&M’s (yep, I’m a greedy piece of s**t I know) but DAMN I absolutely loved Child’s Play. In 2019, Chucky hasn’t come to play, he’s come to slay...oh, and kill some assholes along the way.

    It was so damn…