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  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    Yeah I'm a big fan of Ritchie's work, but this movie doesn't need any defending. It is good, solid genre filmmaking. Interestingly reminiscent of a South Korean revenge movie with all the intricate and elaborate means to an end, and pulled off stylishly because GR is still in his wheelhouse here, just darker. And Statham is at his best.

  • The Rules of Attraction

    The Rules of Attraction


    A bizarre and abrasive masterpiece. Bret Easton Ellis & Roger Avary form a sizzling dynamic duo, where neither of them will be relegated to the sidekick role. A best-as-it-gets example, or document, of early aughts, on the cover of magazines that people actually bought, trending movie stars. A movie that can be segmented into singular, pieced-apart scenes that are all parts brilliantly ridiculous, funny, and affecting mixed together in a blender. Then once poured out, and brought back into the larger…

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  • Babylon A.D.

    Babylon A.D.


    Mathieu Kassovitz:

    1. an all-timer of World Cinema: La Haine
    2. an all-timer for Vincent Cassel karate kicks: The Crimson Rivers
    3. a critically disliked (except for Roger Ebert) early aughts, Dark Castle horror movie that made $140 million and is much better than its reputation: Gothika
    4. a fun, dystopian Sci-Fi Western where a submarine travels under the ice from Europe to the U.S., with legends Michelle Yeoh, Gerard Depardieu, Charlotte Rampling and Vin Diesel: Babylon A.D.

    Mathieu Kassovitiz, Director

  • Knockaround Guys

    Knockaround Guys


    "Gone Country" action movies. I like 'em.

    Watch for Vin's "500" monologue. It won't disappoint.

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  • The Girl Next Door

    The Girl Next Door


    I just got a little emotional watching the very first 5 minutes, with the voiceover going over everyone’s “favorite memory” in their high school yearbook. A very well done montage that I couldn't believe played so authentic all these years later. This is SUCH a good movie. Haven't watched it since it came out and I was in high school. Looking back on it now, with a tad of nostalgia (not for the film but the period), not only does…

  • Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

    Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard


    Nestled somewhere between Austin Powers and Machete Kills, and I say this with delight. 

    It felt really good to laugh, out loud, numerous times in a theater with others. Been back for horror, but this was the first time for the lols.