Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★½

Despite owning thousands of comics and being a genre geek I've found the MCU to be incredibly stale in the last few years (minus Thor: Ragnarok). Films like "Ant Man", "Doctor Strange" and even "Infinity War" to a degree have left me feeling underwhelmed and disinterested. And don't even get me started on D.C.

So, feeling ambivalent towards the MCU I figured I should see what all the fuss was about. What I found was an incredibly gratifying and cathartic experience that closes the chapter on one of the most ambitious cinematic projects of my life time. "Endgame" is a wonderful love letter to the fans that have made the MCU a possibility. In recent years the term "fan service" has been used in a negative way but if you contrast this decade long storytelling project to another that's recently ended it shows that fan service can be a good thing.

"Game of Thrones" finished up its eight year run where it faced major backlash for trying and failing to subvert fan expectation. It destroyed character arcs that were 7 years in the making, rushed through its story all while pissing off fans in the process.

"Endgame" does the complete opposite, it manages to incorporate everything that came before it to deliver an emotional, gratifying experience that pays off in the most satisfying way possible. Fan service doesn't have to be an inherently bad thing, fused with the right story and with characters that evolve but stay true to their core characteristics, you can end up with a film like "Endgame".

I'm annoyed that I waited so long to watch this having had most of the film spoilt by the time I watched it. Thankfully it didn't take away anything from my experience.

There have been thousands of reviews going in depth so I'll just highlight some of my favourite moments. There will be potential spoilers so this is your warning if you haven't seen the film already.

-----------------Potential spoilers.

- Thor threatening a nine year old kid on Fortnite was the peak of all cinema.

- The film needed more Korg.

- Chris Hemsworth's every line in this film was pure comedic perfection.
He completely stole the show.

- I actually cared for Tony in this film, and what they did with his arc was great.

- Captain America is the best MCU character bar none. The Russo's have done a masterful job transitioning a lame comic character into a complex, inspiring character.

- America's ass!!

- Hail Hydra

- I loved the journey through memory lane even if it raises a shitload of plot issues.

- Avengers Assemble and the final battle was so much fun.

I've disliked more MCU films than I've liked, but this is the perfect send off. In a perfect world this would be the end, but that'll never happen.

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