• Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

    Home Alone 2: Lost in New York


    Home Alone 2 nails the part 2 formula. Give ‘em what they want. 
    I rewatched with my six year old son. He complained plenty about being bored, but his attitude changed once Kevin McCallister started pelting the sticky bandits with bricks. He laughed so hard. The slapstick is comparable to Looney Tunes and the Stooges. 

    The addition of Tim Curry to the cast is a real highlight. His impression of the Grinch puts Jim Carey to shame.

  • Chopping Mall

    Chopping Mall


    This started out as a pretty good sci-fi flick. The 80s hits hard. This is a time capsule where all the technology has caught up to the point where this could be reality now. We have the technology to make mall murder robots!

    This is a classic VHS cover that I passed over a thousand times. The Black Friday spirit got me to finally give it a try.
    What’s with nerds in the 80s?  They have to have nerds in…

  • Black Friday

    Black Friday


    The holiday, air quotes, “Black Friday” is ripe for satire, and Bruce Campbell came to the rescue by making a silly movie about it. 
    The setting is a toy store. The protagonist is an ensemble cast of disgruntled retail employees. The antagonist are latex suited monsters that would fit in nicely in Army of Darkness. 
    At a runtime of less than 90 minutes, this flick still made me sleepy. I loved the creature effects, but the story and characters were…

  • Silent Night

    Silent Night


    The poster and write up make Silent Night look like a Christmas dark comedy, but it’s not. It’s just a downer. It has a solid cast, but I didn’t care for the characters.  If you need something dark, this might be your cup of tea.

  • Demons 2

    Demons 2


    Demons 2 follows the zombie rules of horror where if you are bit you become a monster. Demons have claws too, and a scratch does the same as a bite. 

    The setting is the same as Shivers, #Alive, and REC, which is trapped in an apartment building. The Demons themselves are slimy, gnarly, nightmares. I love the glowing eyes!

    Demons 2 is effective at what it does. I was uncomfortable and scared throughout. There is a demon coming out of…

  • King Kong vs. Godzilla

    King Kong vs. Godzilla


    King Kong vs. Godzilla is a classic in camp. The Kong costume is laughable, or just cringe worthy.  Godzilla doesn’t look much better, but the costume is serviceable. Add in some recycled Creature from the Black Lagoon music over these two beasts wrestling for no particular reason, and you’ve got a good show!

  • Don't Breathe 2

    Don't Breathe 2


    I loved the first, so I couldn’t resist Part 2. Don’t Breathe 2 is a silly fun action packed gore fest. 

    I think the filmmakers had fun trying to make the monster from the first feature into a good guy.  It’s a pretty crazy concept, but once Stephen Lang started messing people up, I started rooting for him.

  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    The opening of One Cut of the Dead is, no surprise, a single shot zombie movie. At that point it changes direction. This is where I tapped out years ago when I first attempted a midnight viewing of this film. Please don’t do that. 
    Once you embrace the transition this film takes you get to enjoy pure movie magic. I stood up and wanted to applaud at the finale, but my sleeping family wouldn’t have understood. 
    One Cut of the Dead is a true gem that any movie lover will enjoy.

    Keep Rolling!

  • Clifford the Big Red Dog

    Clifford the Big Red Dog


    Clifford got my six year old son to laugh so hard. Maybe harder than any other movie. 
    The characters are a little girl, her giant dog, and her silly uncle. They work well together. My wife woke me up for snoring, but that wasn’t until almost the super happy ending. 
    My son loved it. Especially when the dog peed and farted.

  • Great White

    Great White


    Great White has an attractive cast and setting, but the title is Great White. I turned this flick on for the sharks!  What a let down. 

    I did rewind twice to enjoy some good, yet brief, shark action. The shark scene that everyone will remember is comically bad, and it sets forward the boring 2nd act. 
    Some might think the finale is redeeming. This is when Great White delivers the Great Whites!  I couldn’t enjoy it. Why did they do…

  • Bad Boys

    Bad Boys


    I once said that Will Smith should not be allowed to make movies unless he’s accompanied with CGI monsters/aliens, and my cousin disagreed. His argument was Bad Boys!

    Bad Boys premiered 2 years before MIB, and Will Smith plays the same bad boy cop in each film. Men in Black might actually be a sequel to Bad Boys. They just changed the name because they replaced Martin Lawrence with Tommy Lee Jones. Wise move too. Tommy’s grumpy straight man approach…

  • The Dinosaur Project

    The Dinosaur Project


    There’s actually some pretty cool Dino CGI in The Dinosaur Project.  
    There’s no Tyrannosaurus Rex like the cover art suggests. None of the actors were entertaining or likable. The shaky cam found footage format is bad. 
    But the dinosaurs are pretty cool!