Tenet ★★½

Watching this was exhausting and honestly felt like work. The writing is so confusing and the first half is just filled with nonsensical over-explained exposition.

The second half is much better and parts of this ended up being somewhat enjoyable.
I definitely like the concept and the ambition behind it, but overall I’m just not excited about this movie at all.

but Robert Pattinson has his British accent in this and I was very happy about that!! 
and Aaron Taylor-Johnson has no business being so sexy.

But the way that Christopher Nolan depicts women is so awful. The only prominent female character in this gets abused in the majority of scenes she’s in and it’s horrible to watch. I almost stopped watching this movie because her character is treated so terribly and so often and for what. Elizabeth Debicki is an amazing actress and absolutely stunning, and she deserved better.

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