House of Wax

House of Wax ★★★½

House of Wax was one of those films that came along during the mid 2000s wave of gory and mean spirited horror films. An era that was memorable for me as I frequented the movie theater a lot back then. Although this era of horror feels a little dated now there's an undeniable charm to it. The tacky Hollywood actors, gruesome kills, atrocious hard rock soundtrack and some truly macabre ideas. I forgot just how gnarly some of these scenes get dang! Nothing like boiling wax being blasted at your body as you are slowly encased in a giant candle like tomb...while still alive too!

I also love just how ambitiously bleak House of Wax is. It commits to it's depravity 100%. Which translates into high dosages of shlocky entertainment and unintentional humor. The evil twin brothers, the over the top kill scenes (Paris Hilton what!), the random ditch filled with hundreds of animal carcasses and an entire abandoned town filled with a population of wax's all just so absurdly amazing.

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