Deadly Dreams

Deadly Dreams ★★★

This is a film I've wanted to see for awhile. And it was mostly based on that rad poster art! Look at it! It's great. I was also expecting this to be one of those films where the poster art was the best part. And it kind of is. But I still enjoyed this oddball film.

I was under the impression that this was a slasher but it's more of a weird surreal horror film. And its ultra 80s so its also pretty cheesy. A kid witnesses his father being killed by an intruder with a wolf mask. Now as a teenager he is getting haunting visions and frightening nightmares. As the wolf masked intruder haunts his twisted reality he starts to look for answers.

Overall his film had potential to be weirder and more interesting. Some of the dream sequences were cool but I wish they dialed up the style and surrealism. There's some good twists and turns and the ending is pretty surprising. Still, not exactly what I was expecting but whatevs - wolf mask cover still rules.

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