A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★★★

Oh man Bob McCully was so right. This is summery 80s nostalgia like no other. After reading Bob's awesome review I was in the mood to revisit this. And on a beautiful sunny day heading into a week of vacation it totally hit the spot!

This movie is pure magic. The 80s vibes are unmatched and the soundtrack is killer! IMO this has the best kills and some of the most imaginative sequences of the series. Part 3 is still my favourite but this is a close 2nd! For me the series hits it's best stride from part 3 though 6. I'm always in the minority but the middle sequels are the most creative, wacky and just plain fun. Sure the camp is also at its highest during these entries but it's also perfectly fitting. And these sequels still balance the more darker moments. I mean in the first twenty minutes of this they kill off a few of the main characters from part 3! Nobody's safe!

A series like this should never take itself too seriously and I really don't think they could have sustained a whole series with a more "serious" and "scary" Freddy like the original. It's also why I think the remake was so bad. There's not enough charisma or spontaneity. They just tried too dang hard. I love when movie sequels progress and evolve into something more unconventional and eccentric. And that's why I love this movie so much. I may have to revisit more of these before the summers out!

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