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  • Invaders from Mars

    Invaders from Mars


    Tobe Hooper's take on Invasion of the Body Snatchers is an ambitiously zany 80s spectacle of cheese. A light hearted suburban nightmare that's highlighted by dramatic performances and endearing practical FX. A low key 80s gem!

    After David witnesses a bizarre object land in his backyard everyone around him starts acting strangely. And why do they all have a mysterious marking on the back of their necks? First his parents, then his teachers will David be next???

    There's lots to…

  • Prom Night III: The Last Kiss

    Prom Night III: The Last Kiss


    Opening with a hilarious portrayal of "Hell" with a bunch of women dancing randomly in a low budget nightmare realm I was sold! Shortly before Mary Lou blasts free from Hell and electrocutes a janitor in a wonderful display of lofi electricity FX! I've been meaning to venture further into these sequels for awhile so giddy up!

    That ol trouble maker Mary Lou has returned to terrorize another group of high school kids. She targets regular Joe shmo Alex to…

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  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    I think I officially like this just as much as the original. It just has such an awesome feel to it. Pure atmospheric perfection drenched in heavy mood and tension. A mean spirited film filled with grizzly kills and jarring violence. Visceral and stylistic dread elevated by great camera details and ominous lighting choices. A great visualization of autumn with its dimly lit streets, retro Halloween costumes and leaves blowing through an abandoned town.

    This movie is further elevated by…

  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    Halloween 2 is a worthy sequel that takes place right where the first film left off. Still it feels different than it's predecessor. From the first few minutes where Loomis talks to the goofy neighbour who says "This better not be a joke, I've been trick or treated to death tonight" in a cartoony delivery it's clear we are getting a less serious version of the first film.

    While not quite as creepy and less atmospheric it still packs a…