Us ★★★★

The first time I saw this, I’d avoided the trailer and knew next to nothing about the plot going in. A few things I appreciated more this time around:

- How cohesive the script is, laying so much groundwork early on, and how easily this can be read as a movie about class revolt. 

- The excellent ensemble work, all of them doing double duty, including the extras playing normal carnival-goers and their spastic, funhouse-mirror inverses. 

- Elisabeth Moss and how much comedy and pain she can silently evoke with just a pair of scissors. 

- Nyong’o’s versatility, which of course I got the first time, but she has so much more depth than I recall. She goes from fearful to kickass in one character alone, and then there’s Red, the avenging demon with some subtle comic inflections. And that reminds me of this video.

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