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  • The Wolf House

    The Wolf House


    La casa lobo, the wolf house.

    Here at this colony, we provide for not only our residents, but people all over the world! You know us for our honey (rightfully so!), but you must also know that our way of life is an export we wish to provide to the world! We have returned to the way of man, the way life must be. Pure, logical, strict, efficient. You may have heard rumors of us being not what we advertise.…

  • The Florida Project

    The Florida Project


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This review is a lot more emotionally heavy than I expected it to be when I started writing it, so if that's something you can't handle right now, please put yourself first.

    The Florida Project sees the light in its environment, the color in the world. Your mom can't keep a job and is resorting to perfume selling and prostitution. All you know is deviancy, and yet you find that most adults don't like this. People see your situation and…

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  • Godzilla



    Watched it in theaters, the way it was meant to be seen.

    Upon rewatch, I find myself returning to an aspect I was touched by on my first watch as well. That being the deep sadness and despair that Takashi Shimura conveys through his performance. It's a conduit for the national sadness that overtook after WWII. So much has been said about this movie, including by myself in the past, so I won't wax poetic about it. It's just nice to see such an excellent movie that brought my boy Goji into the international consciousness on the big screen.

  • Fan-Fan the Tulip

    Fan-Fan the Tulip


    Had the potential to be so much better than it was.

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  • Ichi the Killer

    Ichi the Killer


    If you want a damn good review, go read Ben's. If you want my quick thoughts: Asano is hot, this was painfully brutal, and I loved it.

    The rest of this review is not about the movie, it's about the reason I watched the movie. Quite honestly, they're also the reason I've seen a lot of movies, and without them most of you wouldn't even be following me/reading this. This watch was for Ben, Brazy-Ben, Benjamin, sometimes Ken, etc.