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  • Polly of the Circus

    Polly of the Circus

    Marion Davies and Clark Gable star in Polly of the Circus from 1932.

    Davies plays Polly, a star trapeze artist with the circus. When the circus enters a small town, she is infuriated that her costume is covered with a skirt on all of the posters because the place is "conservative."

    She visits the local minister, John Harley (Gable) and accuses him of ordering the change, but he says he didn't. And, intrigued, he visits the circus that night to…

  • Side Streets

    Side Streets

    Two of my favorite underrated actresses, Aline MacMahon and Ann Dvorak, star with Paul Kelly in "Side Streets," from 1934, right on the edge of the code ending.

    MacMahon plays Bertha, a hard-working furrier who takes pity on a sailor, Tim O'Hara (Kelly) whose reputation keeps him from finding work. She feeds him, gives him a place to stay, hires him to make deliveries for her company, and winds up married to him. He seems like a good guy, but…

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  • In a Lonely Place

    In a Lonely Place

    Truly one of the great noirs, "In a Lonely Place" was directed by Nicholas Ray and stars Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Grahame, Frank Lovejoy, Jeff Donnell and Martha Stewart.

    Bogart plays Dix Steele, a well-known Hollywood screenwriter who is very choosy about what he writes. He's asked to adapt a book, and instead of reading it, he invites the coat-check girl (Stewart) to tell him the story, as she's just finished the book.

    She has a date; she cancels it for…

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    Aaron Sorkin wrote and directed this brilliant film about the trial of the Chicago Seven, which took place In Chicago in 1969-1970.

    The Chicago 7 were Abbie Hoffman (Sacha Baron Cohen), Jerry Rubin (Jeremy Strong), David Dellinger (John Carroll Lynch) , Tom Hayden (Eddie Redmayne), Rennie Davis (Alex Sharp), John Froines (Danny Flaherty), and Lee Weiner (Noah Robbins).

    Actually the seven represented different groups, but no matter, they were all painted with the same brush. At the Democratic Party Convention…