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  • The Black Cat

    The Black Cat


    Starts out as a moderately enjoyable Suspiria fan film-- lots of color, goop and grue, some wink-wink meta commentary, use of the Goblin theme AND some choice metal cues. It was ok and I had resigned myself to smiling politely through its runtime BUT THEN the third act turns into a trippy cosmic showdown by way of laser light spookshow freak out and I was over the moon! 5 stars for that.

  • The Dark Half

    The Dark Half


    Trying to fill in the gaps in my masters of horror watchlist. This title is one I've halfheartedly meant to get to for a couple decades. I love Romero, I like King but this...I dunno...maybe it was the Timothy Hutton factor? I don't hate the guy but I always got an "entitled customer at Starbucks" vibe from him. He does an ok job here playing *spoiler* twins(sorta). There is the bougie 'less-charming Kevin Kline' serious author character and then there…