Tenet ★★★½

First time back in the cinema since the end times began....
What better man to welcome me than Christopher Nolan, say what you want about him but he definitely makes films for the big screen.

To speak too much about the plot would spoil the twists and turns but it’s basically a spy thriller with time manipulating elements.
Herein lies one of my biggest issues though, there’s plenty of scientific jargon being thrown about but I struggled to get my simple mind around what was happening and the rules of the world.

John David Washington is strong in the lead role, his charm and physical presence are so similar to Denzels it’s almost as if they are related (wheyyy)
Robert Pattison is the floppy haired and slightly foppish sidekick, that being said I’m still oddly excited to see him as Batman.
For some reason instead of using a real Russian actor or someone capable of a good accent cough Gary cough Oldman we are given Kenneth Branagh who despite sounding a little ridiculous he makes for a threatening if somewhat squidgy antagonist.

From a technical standpoint the film looks fantastic my only gripe being it is very grey for the most part.
The sound is LOUD like holy shit this is almost Blade Runner 2049 loud, this does help the action seems have a bigger impact for sure.
The score is pretty damn good aswell.

Despite some really strong elements a slightly bloated runtime, some logical inconsistencies and some bang average dialogue stop this from being truly excellent.
All that being said fans of cinema need to see this on the big screen, there’s plenty to enjoy

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