Beyond ★★★★½

Dreams are impossible to recapture - lightning in a bottle experiences of haywire brain synapses firing in haphazard directions, creating uncanny imagery that you simply can't recall or recount without losing the sauce that made it the hallucination it was.

Beyond is one of the best shorts in the Animatrix, one that I saw when I was like 8 or something and could only recall drips and drabs of; minuscule scenes out of sequence and out of key, memories so scattered and faded that for years and years I genuinely thought I dreamt it up. Loved revisiting it and realising it's filled with Rugrats voice actors. Still genuinely filled with wonderful hazy chimeric vibes, the world acting just off-kilter enough to give you the right amount of pause without jostling from the immersion - so as when this short ended, I felt like I just woke up from a dream.
For something from 2003, it is surprisingly ahead of the curve when it comes to depicting modern videogame glitches, some of these sequences can be hackily used today in some kind of Cyberpunk parody or something.