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  • Beckett



    I don’t count the manhunt genre among my film favorites, particularly because it can get redundant quickly. Perhaps I don’t mean the tropes of the genre itself (à la you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all); rather, a manhunt movie can easily go down a narrative path full of repeated moments. After the hunted man figures out that he’s being hunted, he tends to seek out others and desperately convince them of his predicament as best he can until his…

  • Mank



    “I’ve got a great idea for a picture, Louis...A picture I just know you're gonna love.”

    I didn’t exactly enjoy watching Citizen Kane. Long upheld as the definitive, untouchable paragon of the art of film, the 1941 movie contains timeless characters, indelible images arising from its innovative grasp on technique, and a hard-boiled – yet anachronistic – cynicism that has aged like fine wine, to be sure. But in the year of our lord 2020, Kane is not what I…

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