Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★½

I want to see a feature length film containing nothing but the scenes of the Black Lodge and dream sequences with Bob. It would be the perfect nightmare and a dream come true.

Fire Walk With Me was a joy to watch and a pleasant continuation after the series but there is certainly some drastic differences to point out between the two, some good and some not so. First off the quirky humor and soap opera parodies of the show are nonexistent here (which admittedly I took as a type of relief despite that I found those moments funny and entertaining but altogether tonally destructive). However the Black Lodge surrealism is amped up and that is definitely a welcoming change which also makes this film continuation feel more like a Lynch product than the show does. One of the things this film carries over from the show is the often over the top and melodramatic acting (which I know most of these moments are intended as a type of mocking parody but still something that annoyed me even in the series) and since it is featuring more of Sheryl Lee, let's just say we get a larger intensified dose.

Essentially it is alot like my experience with the television show which I was not head over heels about like some of its dedicated devotees but nonetheless an entertaining and worthy of your time kind of series that I am very glad I watched. I think besides some of the issues stated above that corresponded with the series, I mostly didn't see alot of that trademark Lynchian surrealism in the show but I was happy to see more of it here in the prequel film. Unfortunately you have to watch the show beforehand in order to understand anything about this film. However with that in mind, I wondered about what it would be like to go into this film blind and have an even stranger and weird outcome for the viewer not having a clue for what is going on in the story. Well, too late now to try (Although by doing that, one would ruin some major spoilers for themselves within the show; just a heads up to any first time viewers whom may want to try that out).

Oh shit, and I almost forgot, another negative takeway from this film compared to show is the lack of Kyle MacLachlan. He was probably the best thing about the series or at the very least, the glue that held together what uneven and crazy mystery there was. But don't get it wrong, I'm not bitching up this movie, merely comparing and contrasting is all. I feel the pro's and cons of both medium platforms (film and television) are squared away as equals if not anything I may even be more partial to this film version simply because it contains more Lynch traits.