The Life of Oharu

The Life of Oharu ★★★★

The Life Of Oharu is Mizoguchi's most depressing film. The plight of women is a strong theme in many of his films but none have suffered as much as Oharu and her downfall truly is a bitter sight. There is absolutely no light of hope in this film, as soon as something appears that way in the story it is quickly extinguished.

The film is technically well made and has all of the usual traits associated with a Mizoguchi production. There is even a significant but small role from a very young Toshiro Mifune as well. The movie is very good and a important part of Kenji Mizoguchi's canon as his favorite theme is demonstrated to the harshest extent. However for some it may be too depressing as the film very seldom eases up on the misery of Oharu. 8/10