The Game

The Game ★★★★

"You don't know anything about society, Marie; you don't have the satisfaction of avoiding it."

David Fincher provides a pinnacle of mind bending proportions with 'The Game'. It's a taut mystery thriller that genuinely keeps you guessing until the very end. And honestly once you've reached the climax you may still have a hard time accepting what is perceived as the reality of the film.

'The Game' was made as the middle film in a trio of classics directed by Fincher. Between 'Se7en', this film, and 'Fight Club', one could make the argument that Fincher was in his prime and has not reached this level of filmmaking since then. Now he may be more refined in his craft but he is no longer as daring or risqué in his work. His past three films have been Oscar bait, book adaptations and a remake. And what is being served later in the menu of his career does not look any more promising.

This film seems to be the lost film in his canon (well besides 'Panic Room') as it’s the most ignored or at least generally speaking. It has gained a cult following but outside its fan base it is not considered an important film in Fincher's resume. I feel 'The Game' deserves just as much accolades and praise. It contains a puzzling yet intelligent script that works extremely well on the viewer. The story manipulates its audiences and puts us through as much stress and anxiety as Nicholas Van Orton but that is part of its charm and uniqueness. Overall David Fincher makes a solid film here which even if not considered one of his best is still much better than 3/4 of what Hollywood produces nowadays.