A Time for Drunken Horses

A Time for Drunken Horses ★★★½

The trend I have been noticing with the majority of Iranian films I have seen thus far is a plethora of young acting talent in many different ages and varieties. The gritty and raw realism of the cinematography combined with the superb talent of the young actors makes for the film's strongest attributes. However other than being technically brilliant, I do not think A Time For Drunken Horses achieves as strong of an emotional response as other films have done from that region.

Iran is full of heartbreaking tales and it is evident in the type of cinema they produce. Sort of like an extremely harsh form of melodrama except the content is based out of realism. I couldn't personally connect with this film on that level of allowing my sympathy and emotion to diverge with Madi and his family's hardships not to mention that they are all essentially orphans fending for themselves. I can appreciate the story and film on that level, written out plainly on paper but when it comes to the film itself it was my engagement that was in question.