Zodiac ★★★★★

"I Am Not The Zodiac. And If I Were, I Certainly Wouldn't Tell You"

As you stroll through the inexhaustible sources of online pages you will surely encounter something that "catches your eye" .That fills it up with that ineffable color gradient that even you can not imagine you had. That gently tears apart any other entertaining thought of yours... beacuse it was simply too good not to care about. In my case "my eye" got trapped in the nets of this,quintessential And superb movie... Zodiac (as the title of course suggests). Trapped like a trap in a trap. However we are never trapped unless we choose to be. And I can not say that I was forced to either....

"Dave, he made a mistake!"

When it comes to the movie itself, well...Gyllenhaal..."Need I say more?" But "Gyllenhaal aside" this movie -objectively- is a consummate one. Varrying from exhilarating cast members to dazzling and magically opulent cinematography you can not really ask for something more. Not because it is not feasible but simply because there is nothing left to add. Fincher's films just simply cater to every conceivable yearn of their audience and this unique way of directing movies makes them even more captivating to watch. This movie also contains my favourite scene in all of cinematic history where Jake visits Dave's house and just delivers that top notch line that I used above. While having a splendid enviroment on the background of this scene and superlative added sounds, this segment of the movie always give me the chills....

"Before I Kill You, I'm Going To Throw Your Baby Out The Window"

Long story short, Zodiac is an outstanding film that everyone will enjoy and its peak moments are definetely unparalleled...Lots of icing...and lots of cake!

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