Favorite films

  • Opening Night
  • Phantom of the Paradise
  • Jackie Brown
  • Venus in Fur

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  • RoboCop


  • Jason X


  • Alone in the Dark


  • Escape from New York


Recent reviews

  • Hereditary



    The comedy still holds up and yet everything feels purposeful. It's a nice time.

  • Dune



    I loathe this as an adaptation of Dune but I love this as a part of Lynch's filmography. I almost wish I hadn't read the book, but I've definitely made more and better friends from it than this film, so I can't really.

    This is a tremendous sick day movie though. Goes on forever and doesn't demand too much from the viewer, while also having neat things or performances to look at whenever lucidity strikes.

Popular reviews

  • Hatchet II

    Hatchet II


    biscuits and chicken and gravy and biscuits and chicken and gravy and the chickens with the biscuits on the gravy with the biscuits and the chicken want some biscuit for the biscuit is me

  • Mommy



    There's a few frames of a woman shambling during the karaoke bit, that's the only part I liked. Good color grading, eyeroll to the aspect ratio, didn't like anyone or cared much what happened to them, hated the music throughout. If I ever become very serious about using TikTok maybe I'll revisit this and appreciate it more, so probably never.