Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★½

Having just decided, for the billionth time, that I simply must catch up on my backlog of Letterboxd reviews, I proceeded to journey back through my diary to see if my entries were—as I suspected—all accompanied by a review right to January 1st 2012. Excepting the period affected by the aforementioned backlog, they almost universally were. Those few that weren't, I've been largely able to instantly identify why. Some were rewatches of films I'd written on at great length before, and I simply couldn't muster more words. Some were left blank to facilitate links to formal reviews I planned to write, but never did. Some simply fell victim to hectic goings-on in real life, and went forgotten. Singin' in the Rain, seen with a packed crowd on the big screen in a cinema converted from a church, was a different story. Despite having won tickets to the show, and being a huge fan of the film, I couldn't bring myself to go to the movies that day. My dog, my dear dear dog, was very sick at the time and—my relentless pessimism and an iffy prognosis considered—this had me nowhere near the appropriate mood for the cinema. But I went, in the end, powerless as I was to do anything with the dog being kept at the vet's. It's a beautiful testament to the infectious power of this movie—and indeed of the movies in general, scarcely better represented than they are here—that I left that cinema with a smile on my face, a spring in my step, and a powerful urge to dance only barely managing to be restrained. Of course, the world's not as happy a place as Singin' in the Rain would have you believe, and the dog died. When it came time, some days later, to do a Letterboxd entry catch up, I knew—I knew—that nothing I could possibly write was more worthy of the film and the experience of sheer, unassailable joy it gives to the viewer than this little story. I couldn't write it then. I wanted to, but I just could not. And so the review remained blank. If only just about, I can manage to write it now.

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