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I watch shit and I write shit.

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  • Sightseers



    After years of watching films about people from other cities all around the world...
    FINALLY a film about people from Birmingham! Englands second city and my home town!

    Sadly, I have a mild phobia about hearing my fellow Brummies talk on the TV or on the radio, I think its to do with local radio phone-ins, I also have a deep seated hatred of Caravan I had to get over those to be able to watch Sightseers!

    It tells…

  • Drive Angry

    Drive Angry


    My god....Amber Heard...a spectacular looking lady. She could be my favourite!

    Sadly Ms Heard is outshone here by the real, super sexy star of the film.

    Nic Cages hair piece. What a stunner!!
    I'd like to have it over to my place, cook a risotto...have some wine...maybe light some candles. Have a real nice time.

    Ridiculous, bloody, brains off...actually, full on LOBOTOMY required, FUN!!