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  • Undine



    Beer is the best reason to see Undine, moving between vulnerability, sensuality, confusion and calculation, sometimes within the same scene.

    Dare Daniel review HERE

  • Cruella


    Dalmatians murdered her mom, so it's cool that she hates dogs. Also, she doesn't hate dogs, she loves dogs. And now you're the puppy murderer.

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  • The Book of Henry

    The Book of Henry

    Manic Pixie Rape Revenge

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  • Michael Moore Hates America

    Michael Moore Hates America

    In its inept attempt to "indict" Moore by turning the tables on him, the right-wing documentary Michael Moore Hates America actually helps you appreciate Moore's talents as a slick entertainer. The big problem here is that director/star/personality vacuum Michael Wilson is making an ideological-political argument against Moore by challenging his credibility as a documentarian. The even bigger problem is that Wilson is a charmless, talentless dope who can't tell the difference between a political provocateur and a celebrity stalker. Moore's…