And Then We Danced ★★★★

Being Young, Dumb and in love with the wrong person? Where have I heard this before.

Easily one of my favorite films from the past couple of years, this is equal parts charming and touching in the sincerity of emotion hidden under layers of a dance drama.

A cracked phone screen, waking up from a nightmare or the waiting around on a text, the attention to tiny details is phenomenal.

This movie is also an undisputable confirmation that eating pomegranates can be sexy AF.

I strongly related to not having the best family and growing up in a religious household. They are things you just don’t get over very easily. I am still in the process of finding my place in the world and this movie is a bitter reminder that almost every single one of my peers is going through something similar.

The second half dragged a bit but I love the whole movie all the same. I can see myself re-watching this a few years from now and crying my heart out.

A panning shot that occurs almost halfway through the film had me wondering if I am being too harsh with my score. Speaking of technique, the closing scene is right up there with Another Round and Sound of Metal.

An unabashed recommendation to all the fans of drama, romance and most importantly dance!