Favourite first viewings in 2019 [Incomplete]


The Snowman (Phil Solomon, 1995)
Last I Heard (…He Was Circling The Drain) (Art Camp, Saad Moosajee, 2019)
Alaya (Nathaniel Dorsky, 1987)

Psalm I: The Lateness of the Hour (Phil Solomon, 1999)
Drifter (Timoleon Wilkins, 2010)
The Secret Garden (Phil Solomon, 1988)
L’eau de la Seine (Teo Hernández, 1983)
Corps aboli (Teo Hernández, 1978)
Triste (Nathaniel Dorsky, 1996)
Nordic Grammar (Kaspar Peters, 2019)
Dimanche (Fabrice Aragno, 1998)
Just About Now (Lis Rhodes, 1993)
Sakhisona (Prantik Basu, 2017)
Liberté (Albert Serra, 2019)
White Noise (Antoine D’Agata, 2019)
Vitalina Varela (Pedro Costa, 2019)
The Scream (Philippe Grandrieux, 2019)
L'invisible (Fabrice Aragno, 2015)
In a Foreign Country (Karen Akerman, Miguel Seabra Lopes, 2018)
Notes From a Journey (Clara Pais, Daniel Fawcett, 2019)
Atmospheric Pressure (Peter Treherne, 2019)
CLEARING (Eric Ko, 2018)
Hypnosis Display (Paul Clipson, Liz Harris, 2014)
Permanent Green Light (Dennis Cooper, Zac Farley, 2018)
Yellowstone Canyon (Jon Jost, 2019)
FAILURE (Ken Jacobs, Flo Jacobs, Nisi Jacobs, 2019)