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  • The Train

    The Train


    Hard-edge B/W, super contrasty, looks like Frankenheimer shot the whole thing with a 25 or 40 - very mid-60's advanty with absolutely insane stunts - Burt Lancaster sliding down ladders and leaping on and off moving trains and two great locomotives smashing into each other at top speed. It's grittiness is at times too on the nose, but the story's momentum and the train-action shots - with locomotives smashing down an inch from the camera - make up for any cheesiness, like Jean Moreau's unfortunate lecture about war...worth seeing

  • Riders of Justice

    Riders of Justice


    Tender, hilarious, bloody AF, touching, smart all the way through, perfect tone..as NOBODY fails from being so proud of itself, this stays humble throughout and holds fast to its creed..remarkable

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  • Shirley


    one of the characters says something like: Genuine awfulness is one thing, but willful mediocrity quite another. Pretentious horseshit, bearable for about 45 minutes, unwatchable for the next hour. Even so, Odessa Young is mesmerizing.

  • Gone to Earth

    Gone to Earth


    Gorgeous unhinged, perverse, hot/campy Jungian pagan fable in 3-strip technicolor with every possible emotion performed as psychosis.

    Profound, hilarious and jarring, with Jennifer Jones as incontrovertible proof that the least important quality for a true movie star is being able to act.