The Ivory Ape

The Ivory Ape ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Rankin/Bass had some experience working with Japanese filmmakers after making King Kong Escapes, the Desi Arnaz Jr. feature Marco, Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July, Willy McBean and His Magic Machine, The Bushido Blade (which has Mako, Sonny Chiba, James Earl Jones, Richard Boone and Laura Gemser all in the same movie), The Bermuda Depths and The Last Dinosaur there.

The last two movies we mentioned, as well as this one, were made with Tsuburaya Productions, the company that brought us Ultraman.

While this debuted on ABC on April 18, 1980, an extended version would later play Japanese theaters.

A rare albino gorilla has escaped somewhere in Bermuda and the hunter that caught it once before (Jack Palance!) is set to destroy it. Can Steven Keats (who was Bronson’s son-in-law in Death Wish) and Céline Lomez (who was originally going to play Linda Thorson’s part in Curtains) stop him in time?

This was directed by Tsugunobu “Tom” Kotani, who also made the aforementioned films The Bushido Blade, The Last Dinosaur, The Bermuda Depths and Pink Lady’s Motion Picture. You better believe that I’m going to hunt down every single one of these movies.