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  • Sonatine



    I adored this film & Kitano's face in this film is one of my favorite cinematic images; he embodies the look of fatigue, menace, indifference to the violence around him...except when he's having fun on his downtime with friends. He's just effortlessly cool, his comedic background shows and this is just all around impressive. He wrote, produced, directed and is the star. I didn't expect this movie to be joyfully free with its narrative and so funny. The wrestling scene is an all timer. I just want to have the feeling I had watching this movie all the time. Brutal ending though.

  • Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans

    Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans


    ~ The best drunk pig to ever drunk pig in cinema history.
    Murnau's dislike for title cards shows as there are very few in Sunrise and yet everything feels communicated through visuals and physical acting. This movie starts off as a dark thriller then shifts to a romantic drama, then briefly a comedy thanks to our inebriated piggie, and finally a tragedy. This is a must see & I'm glad I finally got around to it.
    Also I'm sure I'm not the first person to suggest that the lead actor in this must be somehow related to Ryan Gosling..... just me?

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  • Good Morning

    Good Morning


    Even though this is set in 1959 Japan, it brought me back to when I was 7 and I'd shamelessly go to the house down the road that had a large screen tv to watch the Euros cup in 2000. I love little Isamu. What an adorable cinema icon. If you're going to take a vow of silence, it might as well be for a telly.

    Ozu crafts such an elaborate slice of life story that starts off simple enough…

  • Still Processing

    Still Processing


    I wasn't ready for how affecting and personal this would get. A beautiful portrait of a family dealing with grief & facing new memories to relive through unprocessed photographic films. The power of the images are overwhelming and the fleeting nature of childhood in itself is heartbreaking. The technical aspects, especially the editing, were brilliantly done. But it's the quiet moments & the projections just running on the side of the screen that really had me reflecting on all our shared experiences…