Suroh: Alien Hitchhiker

Suroh: Alien Hitchhiker ★★★★★

A bizarre celestial object has been observed by NASA. It bursts. The light is coming from the constellation Sagittarius. Is the messiah coming? Is this a new age? Something is communicating with Paul. He sees the planets, the stars, symbols, & hears some otherworldly voice. It sounds like gibberish. Paul decides to smoke a bunch of weed & talk aliens with his buddy. They put the roach on a fork & discuss how humans are hybrids with the aliens & how we are all their children. Abductions. Conspiracies. UFOs. Hallucinations. Energy. Light. Suroh, an alien hitchhiker, crashes on Earth & must make it back to his interdimensional portal before the secret government agents locate & annihilate him.

Paul finds Suroh or does Suroh find Paul.

Suroh is able to look into your soul & connect with you on a most intimate level.

Manifestation in the hotel room.
Seduction in the hotel room.

He loves your eyes.
Suroh loves your eyes.
Your eyes.
Your eyes.
Your eyes.
Your eyes.

Hello Suroh. It's been a pleasure & I'm sure you feel the same. Thank you for being such a wonderful host.

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