Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead ★★★★

Undead evaluation.

Diving into another George A. Romero zombie flick, it's dope to watch such an iconic director progress not only in production quality and visuals, but the overall narrative as well. This time further isolating the group in an underground bunker that doesn't show much of the outside world, really focusing on the human and social aspects of the zombie invasion. We've seen this before, but this time with an intense group of military personnel and some scientists. Two spectrums of mindsets when it comes to handling this apocalyptic event. Huge conflicts between what the next steps should be, the army dudes prefer to just shoot their way out, meanwhile the scientists try to find some humane way to "cure" these zombies. By curing they mean through domesticating them so they won't be hungry for human meat anymore. Yeah both ways fail miserably, and mostly because they kept fighting with each other, especially the overly unhinged captain Rhodes, that dude needed a chill pill asap.

The movie plays out like a zombie flick from the 80s, with the excepting of making you feel super constricted by how little freedom the crew has, not only the space but with their actions too. The soundtrack is loud and a bit eccentric, adds more suspense to the zombie chase scenes. Some of the experiments and theories for domesticating the zombies might look a bit silly, but the real horror comes in the final act when we realize the dire consequences of doing such tests. The fact that bub was able to learn how to use a gun further expanded the possibilities of writing zombies in different ways.

Overall this was a super bloody watch, probably not something to put on while you're eating lol, George A. Romero stays true and gives another genuine zombie movie that goes beyond the shock of just showing us the brain eating undead.

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