Tenet ★★★★½

The name is Bond, dnoB semaJ. 

Christopher Nolan has finally made the Bond movie he’s always wanted to, theme song included. Completely inaccessible plot wise (the whole story is essentially propelled by quantum gobbledygook), but so rewarding as a sensory espionage adventure. Bullets whiz past forwards and backwards, a gloriously hammy Kenneth Branagh monologues, Pattinson and The Protagonist banter, and before you know it we’re in an intricate action set piece with little to no setup. Feeling overtakes logic, which is strange to say for a Christopher Nolan film. In that regard it’s more similar in form to something like Miami Vice, where it’s plot machinations and character motions fall by the wayside to create an almost first person experience. 

I didn’t understand most of what happened, but I sure know how it made me feel. And that’s really all that matters at the end of the day. Movies are empathy machines. If Inception was a mind heist to get us to realize how filmmakers make us care about fictional stories, then Tenet is an exhilarating journey uncovering why we stay and follow the made up nonsense. The thrill of the chase.

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