The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad ★★★★½

I finished watching this a few hours ago and I'm logging this on here now because I needed time to think about this.
this show is very intense, some scenes are hard to watch, and even when there isn't much happening, you can feel the tension and dread, and it's almost overwhelming.
I haven't finished the book, and I'm going to read it after, so I don't know how faithful this is to the source material, but I do think that on it's own it's a near perfect body of work.
there are episodes here that are some of the best television I've ever seen. ever. there are scenes that feel almost transcendent or religious.
I've always been impressed by barry jenkins as a filmmaker but what he achieves across ten episodes is insane.
even the most harrowing scenes don't feel gratuitous, unlike some other shows (lovecraft country). there's a compassion in this show, for the audience, as well as the characters. everyone, even the minir characters, feel fully formed.
I loved how every episode leans into surrealism in some way, as a kind of escape from what's happening.
technically, this is an excellent show. the sound design is brilliant, the score is insane, the cinematography is amazing. the production design and costumes are amazing.
I'm in awe of thuso's performance.
reaching the last episode and realising that this show is, at it's core about a relationship between a mother and a daughter, almost broke me.

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