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  • Possession



    This was the first time I watched this, but judging from the depth of the subjects shown here, it will be the first of many.
    It shows the two sides of a relationship that has already collapsed. The man, struggling to shift the blame for its cause, eventually settles with satanic possession of his wife. The woman, going through great pain to craft an idealized version of her ex-husband.
    The intimidating Berlin wall is a great embodiment of this violent…

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    Very heart-warming story, exceptional performance by the main actor.

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  • Shivers



    My new favorite take on the zombie apocalypse genre. Goes beyond the now-overdone "STIs are scary" spiel: it juxtaposes the aseptic life in an apartment complex with bloody entrails and lurid sex. A reminder that the harder we try to distance ourselves from our animal nature, the harder it bites us back.

  • Godzilla



    Finally watched Godzilla, the father of all kaiju movies!
    On the surface, this movie is about stopping nuclear testings. However, digging a bit further reveals a nation still struggling with the sudden, senseless horrors of the atomic bomb, trying to give it shape and form.

    The special effects are delightful, much less dated than you'd expect of a 70 years old sci-fi movie of this kind. They do a great job of giving a sense of scale to godzilla and…