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  • Black Night

    Black Night


    metamorphosis for sociohistorical delusion.

  • Decasia



    contrary to what processes of decay usually mean to us - fragmented localities, autonomous ecologies that tend to distinct from each other in its own particular corrosion, "decasia" offers us a spherical metaphysics of decay dynamism. a state of fundamental becoming, binding everything against the antithetical status of permanence.

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  • Joker



    plotless, shallow incarnation of doomer cinema, pretending to swallow itself as something that is ultra autonomic, full of reactionary politics (shallowly executed, trivially domesticated), mindlessly conducting cultural (reproductive) archetypes as something that is a priori. visually it is highly pleasing, joaquin is mesmerizing - yet i am not sure these aspects belong here in this film; joker is a fetishized cinematic suicide, only not aware of its ideological superficiality and flatness

  • Summer Survivors

    Summer Survivors


    perpetual despair inherently overcomes your being, but as long as someone holds your hand, it's possible to survive.