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  • Drive
  • 12 Angry Men
  • Back to the Future
  • Swiss Army Man

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  • Swiss Army Man

    Swiss Army Man


    OVERALL RATING: 10/10 or A+
    I am genuinely blown away. A highly original, incredibly hysterical, emotionally resonant, and breathtakingly refreshing work of art on every possible level. From the opening ten minutes alone (and one of the best opening scenes of all time at that) we are perfectly introduced to a relatable main character with major problems of isolation and disconnect, a mysterious dead body that looks like Harry Potter, a humorous, yet serious tone and style, and one of…

  • Ant-Man



    OVERALL RATING: 8.5/10 or B
    The next entry in the MCU may be a bit small, like it's title character, but that doesn't stop it from managing to thoroughly entertain and amuse it's audience that will support Marvel no matter what. And support this movie deserves. Ant-Man is highly funny, smart, and even self-referential to its other films from the MCU, namely the Avengers. The movie finally answers the question we always ask in these sequels and other MCU films:…