• The Play House

    The Play House


    Something I love about Buster Keaton is he wasn’t satisfied to just make you laugh. He wanted to experiment with the medium and technology, which was necessary- especially at the dawn of cinema- for stretching the possibilities of not just comedy, but film itself. 

    NOTE: There’s an unintended bit where Buster is in old man makeup. It starts raining (inside), and the rain rinses the white right out of his hair!

  • The Outlaws Is Coming

    The Outlaws Is Coming


    Acceptable background noise, except for the inevitable Native American scenes. It felt like it was ending at about an hour, and it probably should have. 
    The most disturbing thing, besides Curly Joe’s existence, is that Moe looks like a dying mummy. 
    I don’t appreciate this move towards kids programming… I do appreciate Nancy Kovack, though.

  • A Night at the Opera

    A Night at the Opera


    Watching with commentary by Leonard Maltin. He’s not one of my personal top film historians, but he’s enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable. 
    He starts with talking about how most of his favorite movies are from the 30s and 40s. He just has a stronger affinity for them than new movies, and can watch them multiple times. I feel the same way about older films, even though I wasn’t born yet. They have so much more replay value for me, for…

  • Hog Wild

    Hog Wild


    Hardy is even more flummoxed than usual when he can’t find his hat, and his day just gets worse from there. This one is almost entirely slapstick humor.

  • Below Zero

    Below Zero


    Low key but hilarious, with the added bonus of Laurel and Hardy playing music outside in the snow. That’s just my kind of vibe.

  • The Violent Professionals

    The Violent Professionals


    When you put on a poliziotteschi, there’s a 90% chance the opening theme will kick ass, and the action will be brutal. The most innocent people will be slaughtered and the line between criminal and cop will be crossed. There will be misogyny, bizarre dialogue, confusion, unconvincing stunt doubles, and kinetic, stylized photography and editing. And its blatant disregard for human decency will make it all the more entertaining. 
    VIOLENT PROFESSIONALS has all that, plus a scene where the protagonist says with a playful grin that he had “diarrhea”.

  • Blood Rage

    Blood Rage


    I bought the Arrow Blu-ray because I literally was sick of looking at the cover art while browsing Blu-ray.com (I immediately flipped to the reverse cover). Plus, all you guys that I follow give it high ratings, so let’s check it out…
    Oh yeah. The pulsing synth soundtrack is awesome. 
    Ted Raimi? What the heck is he doing here? Selling condoms, apparently. 
    The doctor’s voice over is kind of odd and doesn’t show up again. I wonder…

  • All That Jazz

    All That Jazz


    Watching with selected scene commentary by Roy Scheider. It’s 34 minutes worth. It always kind of bugs me when they don’t do the whole movie, but oh well. 
    Man, this shoot was complicated. Lots of technical hurdles, combined with the choreography at the same time. 
    Apparently the lead role was originally going to Richard Dreyfuss. But Dreyfuss pulled out because he hated Fosse! And Fosse hated him! Seems like Dreyfuss was about to be a superstar, but it…

  • Movie Maniacs

    Movie Maniacs


    The Stooges go to Hollywood, and it’s everything I hoped it would be… except it was too short!
    It doesn’t have the biggest laughs, but I love the Hollywood setting and I just liked the flow of it. 

    NOTE: The bit about Curly making pancakes isn’t very clever on its own, but it’s Curly’s expressions and mannerisms that make it funny. It’s easy to see why he was the fan favorite. He was one of the most unique screen presences ever.

  • Deep West

    Deep West


    Let’s see how shitty this DVD by Timeless looks…
    Oh wow! Not only does the image look not too bad, but it’s in widescreen! Not the correct widescreen, but still. 
    The movie went by many titles, but I love the sound of DEEP WEST… though it would be more fitting for a dark, gritty western. I like DEEP WEST less when it’s being a goofy comedy, and more when it’s being an over the top action semi-spoof, a la…

  • The Goat

    The Goat


    “Don’t tell ME how to mix mortar!”

    THE GOAT is one of the best Buster Keaton shorts, but I’m too tired to articulate why. Something about the rhythm, which seems to be even more important in silent films. 

    UPDATE: I fell asleep mid-review!

  • Ordet



    “People believe in the dead Christ, but not in the living.”

    If you pray long enough for God to reveal himself, will you inevitably see a sign? If you look for a Messiah, but your world is only as far as your feet will take you, will you find him in your own home? Does God touch us all, or do we find comfort in coincidence, inside this crashing spiral of an unsentient universe?

    “I think that many tiny miracles…