"I hate life! The torment, the cruelty of it." -Limelight

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  • The Blackbird

    The Blackbird


    The shape that the crippled Bishop is frozen into reminds me of Pan playing the flute. I wonder if that was an inspiration for Chaney. 
    Some of Tod Browning’s strongest direction is on display here. I say it’s up there with THE UNKNOWN, arguably his best film. 
    Chaney is reliably invested in his role(s) of the villain, Renee Adoree is beautiful and charismatic, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Owen Moore in an understated performance as Chaney’s…

  • They Go Boom!

    They Go Boom!


    “Aren’t you sorry?”

    It’s so cute that they sleep together. But the look of fear and confusion on Ollie’s face when Stan touches his ass is priceless. 

    “Why don’t you be a gentleman?”

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  • Thief



    I’ve never liked a Michael Mann film, but I have such a good feeling about this one I picked up the Criterion BluRay. I also hear it might have been an influence on Drive, so let’s find out...
    Oh god yes. Gimme that rain soaked neon synth city shit all day. 
    I was like “how is Jon Belushi so thin?” Then I remembered Jim Belushi exists. 
    Willie Nelson. 
    OK, our protagonist is not a good guy.…

  • The Devils

    The Devils


    I’m too tired to write about this debauched classic, but the crocodile was amazing. 
    I ended up going to bed and finishing it today, but I couldn’t post this without saying a few things. For example, the hunchbacked nun (Vanessa Redgrave) is a great character, it might make my list of favorites. I couldn’t possibly go without mentioning how comical Oliver Reed looks as Jesus (luckily that was a short sequence). His head is just so damn wide and…