WALL·E ★★★★½

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My wife had never seen this film before today and I’ve been looking for a time to show her. Since we’ve had some time to relax after a long move; I figured we could just turn it on while we cleaned. It’s also been a solid two years since I last saw this one and my goodness; the ride Pixar takes you on is just encapsulating. How do they manage to make us care about a dirty robot that picks up trash? Only Disney can work such magic.

I also didn’t love this movie as a kid. I thought it was a bit boring but as I’ve matured; I have been able to se what this movie is truly about. It’s a phenomenal SciFi exploration of what life could be like in an alternate reality and it’s full of inventive ways of showing the concept of artificial intelligence.

Watching Wall-E learn about his surroundings and spend his days taking in information is so interesting. When EVVVAAAA shows up; everything changes and things get interesting. I can’t fault you for not enjoying the film because it’s not everyday that animated movies ask so much of you; but it’s something that I find so intriguing. I do have minor issues with it. There are some scenes full of exposition and minor ideas laid out a bit to easily; but it is a film for the entire family so I assume it helps the kids.

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