The Game

The Game ★★★★

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The Game has (somehow) avoided me for years but I finally got the chance to sit back and watch it. While it’s beyond weird (in a good way) and there may be one too many twists that compromise the believability of how the film ends; I can’t lie to you and say I wasn’t intrigued from beginning to end. Fincher crafts this film in such a way that allows us to believe everything the movie is telling us at face value. It’s a film that almost has to have the viewer watch it again to see if they can catch the context clues; because I know they are there (c’mon it’s Fincher). It isn’t Fincher at the top of his game but it is a well-done look into the rule of upscale society.

Watching it in 2019 may even be a perk for the film because certain events that happen feel authentic to what could happen today. I’m sure, at the time, it blew audiences away with its “wacky” premise but that premise stands tall today. Michael Douglas delivers an almost flawless performance. His past combined with what everyone expects from him leads him to re-evaluate everything about himself as he goes on this goose chase. This is a thoroughly well thought out screenplay that could have fallen apart easily. I do believe that the direction enhances the writing; because you have talent delivering dialogue in the perfect way and cinematography that doesn’t leave your brain.

The writing is good but there are a few unanswered questions towards the end. These questions could have brought the score up even more if answers were provided. They are less plot related questions and more “well if he didn’t do this then he would have died” or “if this guy didn’t get shot here then how would this plan have worked?” If you have seen the movie then you know exactly what I am talking about. While I loved the journey, the destination was appealing yet unsatisfying in a way. It’s too good of a movie to go a bit lower on my score with but I need to go down the rabbit-hole and see if my issues have been resolved with answers. Otherwise, it’s a really fun movie. I am a bit disappointed in myself for holding out all this time.

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