Evil Eye ★★

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From the melodrama to the Lifetime(ish) tropes used throughout the film, there is quite a bit to call cringe-worthy here. It (unfortunately) does not feel like it fits with this series of Blumhouse films on Amazon. That could be due to a lack of Horror altogether, but it could also be due to a lackluster script. Some of the dialogue here leans far too heavily into obvious-foreshadowing, and it takes away from any surprises the story thinks it has in store for us. The plot revolves around a superstitious mother who is convinced that her daughter's new boyfriend is the reincarnation of a man who tried to kill her 30 years ago. The lore they attempt to dive into is interesting, and the cast is good. Sarita Choudhury is outstanding as this obsessive mother who just wants her daughter to be safe.

Things don’t feel out of the ordinary on Pallavi’s side of the story, as it all feels like it’s going to well. After an interesting-enough buildup, and a slow second act, the final act attempts to give us a big payoff. Unfortunately, this five minute scene is a bit boring, and the movie exhales any life it has left in the most dull way possible. Carried by solid lead performances, it continues to get close to being entertaining; this is definitely more in the Romantic-Drama of the week type way, and less of the thrilling Horror experience. It couldn’t deliver on the movie it set out to be, but what I got was a conventional story with solid aspects here and there. The flashback-edits didn’t work for me at all, but at least they strived for something different; I can’t say the same for the plot.

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