Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

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Obviously, it isn’t a perfect movie, but that shouldn’t even need to be typed. I would even say that Joker is more deserving of the Oscar nod, because of the filmmaking techniques. This is a score that reflects my absolute adoration with the achievement of this film. The fact that it wasn’t horrible is a win, but for fans of the MCU; it’s much more than that. Sure, not everyone is going to love every decision. My predictions for this movie were much different from the outcome, but I sat back and let it take me on its journey. The film is weaved differently than most, but we have to keep in mind that nothing has ever been attempted on this scale. To complete a 20+ movie arc feel like an impossible task. It may not have been perfect to most, but I just don’t know if the Russo brothers could have done it any better. It’s full of all of the comic book movie tropes that the MCU is known for, but it seems so self-aware at this point. The term “fan service” is thrown around as well, but every epic moment felt earned; to an almost unachievable level. Somehow, this Director/Writer combination achieved it.

It gets better with every watch, and Silvestri’s score is becoming one of my favorites of all-time. There will never be another blockbuster that will hit me in this way. It’s the end of my childhood, and it’s basically the end of an era. Asking me 12 years ago if I thought we would get what we got from that film would have been hilarious. I would have said “no freaking way” that any of that third act would ever happen on screen. I miss the simple days when the reveal of Cap’s new suit would get fans so excited. Today, we are spoiled with so many incredible (and bad) superhero incarnations; it has almost become a numb feeling to most. We are used to how cool movies can be, and that is honestly a shame. I blame myself for that as well. I wish that mentality I had growing up was still there. I was always in awe when we would get our heroes translated to the big screen. Endgame did that in the coolest way, and I truly respect these filmmakers as incredible talents. When you mix those great filmmakers and epic characters together; it works (almost) every time.

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