The Strangers ★★★★

The Strangers at times only barely resembles what you'd call an actual "movie". There are no character arcs, no plot, and no motives to speak of. It almost feels like a documentary at times without actually having that documentary look to it. Sadly, the last few minutes, where it starts getting a little unrealistic, feels out of place and leaves the audience with a somewhat disappointing ending after the nice build-up.

Now, I won't rate the film like I'd usually rate similar films because this slasher flick meets the bare minimum requirements needed to make a feature-length movie, but that somehow doesn't affect my opinion on the movie at all. All I know is the movie was very creepy and atmospheric, hence the four-star rating. Probably one of the scarier horror films to come out in recent years, just because of how simplistic it all was.

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