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  • Colette


    Some crucial context for the scene where Colette chides herself for failing to bring flowers for her brother:

    "Just because it's detailed, and, you know, we wanted to make a short film, I'll just tell you how Jean-Pierre was arrested,” said Giacchino. “They were indeed, he and a group, were collecting weapons. But that was not what got him arrested. He was arrested because he placed flowers on the grave of a résistant, which was, you know, a crime in…

  • The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

    The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser


    Just noting (since IMDB has no mention of it at this time) that this likely features the earliest use in film of Pachelbel's Canon.

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  • The Disenchanted

    The Disenchanted


    Overlooked gem in the saturated coming-of-age genre. Spare (almost slight) yet immaculate. Performances carefully ride the line between stagey and spontaneous - I love the comparative stillness, the literary one-liners, the cold intimacy.

    [Also - really curious to know how "Wicked Game" ended up in this film, as it was not yet popular (maybe the editor saw Wild at Heart at Cannes?)]

  • Claire's Camera

    Claire's Camera


    I'm guessing there were overt homages to Rohmer (beyond the title) that escaped me, but one tiny self-reference I did note:

    Claire describes her deceased boyfriend as a bookstore owner who taught her piano - which immediately brought to mind the Hamburg bookstore owner who plays piano for his customers in On the Beach at Night Alone, a character based on/played by Karl Feder, who I've read was battling cancer at the time of filming.

    These coincidences begin to feel…