Tenet ★★★

Yep, another review of a person who didn't exactly enjoy the sound mixing in it. And that's not to say that the score is bad, far from it. The score may be one of my favourite things in this, with some musical sequences going both forwards and backwards, which compliments the nature of the film well. But here the bass was just so unbelievably loud to the point where my ears hurt during some more exciting scenes, scenes where you can't even hear what the characters are saying (of course there are films where it's intended, but without the subtitles I wouldn't even be able to guess what the characters are saying). This might not prove to be a problem in the future if I decide to watch it at home, but I don't believe I should be forced to watch something at home just because of an issue like this.

Some editing choices were questionable (e.g. some very quick flashbacks which I barely had time to register their purpose (or maybe I'm just getting old)) and for the fight scenes they were either alright or too distracting.

Kenneth Branagh's fake russian accent was almost too annoying at points for a movie that takes itself very seriously, although the rest of the cast was pretty solid, and JDW and Pattinson's chemistry was fun to watch overall.

The plot itself didn't seem that complicated, as similarly to Inception, it took its sweet ass time to explain how the (in this case) time inversion works (but I will admit that there were a few details which I definitely missed). Multiple times after the point is made about how something works or we get some new information about something it repeats itself instead of moving on. Not that I don't mind slower, laid-back stuff too, but sometimes when a point is made you just gotta move on.

In short, I do admire what Nolan was trying to do here and I'm sure that even this movie will gather its following. It just didn't really leave as much of an impact as I expected it to have.

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